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Get out and play

Activities, courses and rentals while traveling and at home

For Providers
Less is More

Managing customers, schedules, bookings, web sites, marketing campaigns, invoices and reports takes away time from doing what Providers want to focus on: amazing experiences for their customers.

Diverest is an easy to use platform for managing day to day operations and reduce the time spent on admin work for your activities, courses and rentals business.

Being also a marketplace, Providers are in a continuous collaboration with their customers, understanding trends, preferences and many more data driven insights.

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For Consumers
Trust is all 

Diverest is not only helping providers in getting their activities better, but also helping consumers to securely identify and book a multitude of activities, courses, camps and rentals for themselves or others. Diverest makes it easy to identify the right activity, trainer, location and timeframe. Also, users can benefit from Gift Vouchers, Special discounts, Destinations Guest cards with bundled offerings and much more.

For Destinations Managers
It all comes together

Destinations are more than just locations. Destinations offer experiences turning visitors in to loyal fans. 

Diverest is the perfect tool for putting the visitor in the center of your destination`s services, activities, tickets and rentals. One app to securely manage, search and book the best of what your Destination has to offer.

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Meet the Team

Made in Switzerland with love

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