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The problem: In order to provide a top activity, course or leisure service, Providers have 3 categories of activities: pre-activity related (finding customers, building schedules one-time or recurrent, managing bookings and payments, cancellations and preparing the activity owners and resources), activity related (the main scope of activity, managing attendees presence and logistics) and post-activity (reviews, payments, upselling and community engagement). Focusing on these operations requires time, a multitude of tools, constant monitoring & interruption from their main objective: activities making up for great experiences for their customers.

The solution: With Diverest, Providers can now easily manage their day to day operations, whether it is an individual provider or an organization with multiple employees. We`ve designed Diverest closely together with Providers managing a variety of activity types and needs. Through designing Diverest, we have kept focus on simplicity and functionality. 

Why Diverest? This new platform is first of all, a simplified operating system for your leisure services business. Starting with being the platform to easily manage the core operations, under a forever FREE plan, Diverest offers powerful functionalities matchhing the need of growing organization: campaigns, website integrations and design, custom features and unlimited use of the platform.

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